The Newsload - Your Load Is Coming

Blue Food Films is producing a comedy news pilot that, once complete, will showcase a business model that can help local communities learn about and support serious journalism. Rarely are solutions to big problems so fun as with the Newsload. Once completed it will be submitted to Film Festivals everywhere. If you want to learn more about this project contact us. Parody

Shot in 2018 and screened in two international film festivals in 2019 we're hoping this SNL style commercial parody will find more fans in more festivals as part of the Newsload pilot in 2020!  

Emptynesters Sketch

This sketch is another classic comedy piece produced to showcase our ability to produce quality content and fill out a 3:00 minute "Re-enactment Segment" of our Newsload Pilot. 

Home of the Best Hummers

This classic news comedy expose takes us to a local Canadian town where we showcase what a scripted, Newsload report will look like. Now entered in the 2020 short film festival year.  Click to see some photos from completed shoots.

Sugar Bush Report

Another news comedy expose, our over the top news reporter takes us to a local Canadian event where we showcase what an improvised, Newsload report will look like.  

The Newsload will break for commercials at which time commercial parodies such as this will play.

The Newsload will feature classic sketches introduced as "Newsload re-enactments in order to serve the public better." 

Newload Special Reports

Now in the 2020 short film festival circut this type of on the ground in real communities will be the linchpin in all Newsload broadcasts.

Showcasing a sample of an improvised news report that can fill out the content of local Newload editions, in different cities, using local improv talent. It took a three person crew four hours on-location to film and was edited in-house in less than a day.