Fantasy & Science Fiction FILM PROJECTS


The Second Apocalypse

An amazing book series we have long advocated should be made into a TV Series. Click below to learn more and many thanks to Artist Jason Deem his amazing artwork on this page!

Short Films & Feature Film Screenplays

Currently we are in various stages of development on a series of fantasy and science fiction projects. We hope to have at least two short films ready for the 2020 film festival season. If you are interested in learning more about any of these projects please reach out to us!

Out Of The Box (Short Film)

FANTASY - Two hunter gatherers trudge along a wintery forest trail. When one dies of exposure the lone survivor must utilize his greatest gift and curse, to stay alive. 

The Simple Rule (Short Film)

SCI-FI - In the near future a very special support group meets to share their imagined fears while the unnoticed terror of the real world spins out of control all around them. 

CRASHDIVE (Feature Film Screenplay)

SCI-FI - A man chiseled by war and loss faces off against an enemy as implacable as they are alien. When he discovers their secret plans to wipe out human kind once and for all only he and his elite team of UN deep-sea rescue troopers can turn the tide in time.

Erratics (Feature Film Screenplay)

SCI-FI - A mastermind race of aliens pull the strings of human civilizations across the galaxy in this epic, dark cross between Star Wars and The Expanse.  A team of flawed Earthlings try to understand the riddle of an impossible discovery and the man who holds the key to its most pressing implications.

Glory Everlasting (Feature Film Screenplay)

FANTASY -  What happens when two children trained in "science" at an ancient monastery are thrown into a dark, magical world sealed off from the afterlife by an evil God king? Filled with high action, monsters and emotion they must reconcile their beliefs with those they have come to love and fight beside and decide whether it is better to live in a world where heaven and hell are real or not.

Iron Blood (Feature Film Screenplay)

FANTASY -  Set in a fantasy world resembling medieval Europe a young man, living with his adoptive parents, learns his true origins and his destiny as the only living person who can destroy Culag, their evil overlord. It is a story of love and hate, revenge and glory, and morals and ethics in a world gone mad. It is a story about us. 

Jugbrothers (Feature Film Screenplay)

SCI-FI - More info coming soon!