Horror Film Projects


The Tom Zombie Historical Society

Some people want to educate residents and visitors by showcasing local history or organizing events meant to protect and promote local heritage landmarks. Others have an interest in breathing new life into the local arts scene, inspiring creativity and nurturing cultural relevance providing work for actors, painters, writers and musicians. Some want to shine a light on the contributions of our local indigenous or black Canadian communities; showcasing their cultures in ways that are respectful, collaborative and enlightening. Still others want to figure out a way to bring new money, new energy and new people into our region; how can we get tourists to fill up our hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and retail outlets? How can we make our economy grow and thrive?  

The not-for-profit, Tom Zombie Historical Society is a proven answer. It can do all of these things, logically and successfully at once and do them in a way that generates income for itself, gets media attention locally and internationally and draws fans in from all over the world.

Film Projects Based on the Legend of Tom Zombie

After two super successful years of the Tom Zombie Festival we have shown the power of the Legend of Tom Zombie (the intellectual property we developed, using real local history, which the Tom Zombie Festival was based on) to bring amazing energy and fun to south-western Ontario. The next phase of this initiative is to produce high quality films that will draw people in and get them wanting to learn more about this incredible story. 

The Local Curse (Feature Film Project)

A group of myth busters explore the woods near Sparta, Ontario for a legendary tomb and the root of a two century old curse. They quickly discover however that the real secrets are the ones their team carries in with them.


In 1887 a guilt stricken man is assigned to investigate a horrific train crash in small town St. Thomas, Ontario. When he digs into its mystery however he inadvertently finds an artifact that is the basis for a 200 year old curse. 

Campfire Story (Short Film Project)

A two-hundred year old curse finds its way into the present when a bunch of kids go camping and start telling each other campfire stories.