What Are You Interested In?

Fantasy & Science Fiction

Artwork by Jason Deem showcasing the Second Apocalypse fantasy book series for Blue Food Films

From short films to feature scripts we are excited to see our work progress and succeed in these super fun and super popular genres!


Courtney Courtney and Dean Anderson in a Ancestry.com Parody produced by Blue Food Films

 We're working on a comedy pilot that will single handedly solve the news vacuum problem.  No seriously.


Melanie Matthews at Tom Zombie at the Tom Zombie Festival for Blue Food Films

We're developing content to support a local festival based off a two-hundred year old local legend. So much potential!


white water crashing over trees in Wilson Falls in Bracebridge Ontario for Blue Food Films

Find out what emgaging and in some cases quite unsettling issues we're working on in the documentary realm. 

Social Conscious

camera lens used to spolight our social conscious films projects at Blue Food Films

Through contemporary drama we want to make a difference in our communities by highlighting injustice.